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  • James: You know what I could really go for right now? Some money.
  • Hope: Silly putty, man,
  • James: Is amazing. I hope that's what you were going to say.
  • Hope: Well of course.
  • James: Silly putty, you never know where you get it.
  • Hope: Wait.. what?
  • James: You know what? I love the feel of packing tape. It just feels right.
  • Sonjay: What song is this?
  • Me: I Bet That You Look Good on The Dancefloor... That's the name of the song. Not a statement, though I'm sure you look lovely on the dancefloor.
  • Andrew: I would've felt bad if I spiced your popcorn to a level you weren't comfortable with.
  • James: This floor is so popcorn right now.
  • Sonjay: Empty your bladder and fill with creativity!
  • Andrew: Tea is the most entertaining of hot beverages.

When driving someone pulled in front of us and Michael's mom put her arm out in front of him:

  • Michael: Why did you cover me up? COVER THE TEA!

Discussing the "Men of Reddit, if you could ejaculate something other than semen, what would it be?" Thread:

  • Sonjay: A lot of the answers said Febreze.
  • James: *looking horrified* But why? It's so cheap to buy!
  • Andrew: I love when flashbacks have mustaches!
  • James: Something about that chick seems cold. I would not want to hug her.
  • Sonjay: Seriously though, in high school you could call in bomb threats all the time, why can't you do that in college? I guess cause it's 'real life.'
  • James: I'm gonna get that moth and take it to it's rightful place. *stands up* Dead.
  • James: No! You need to see my hand when it falls asleep. It's really funny. It looks like I'm having a seizure!